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Ahh, I understand losing interest in things. I hope it wasn’t ultimately the fandom that did it in for you?

Nope! I’ve met some pretty amazing people as a result of tumbling and getting into the HS community. And I’ll be damned if I let another person ruin what I love. Tumblr can ship what tumblr ships, and I will ship JasperXDad.

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BINGO. As an aside (and I’m not implying this is where the anon was coming from), it really irks me when people insinuate you have to like what you are cosplaying. Or ship certain things. Or have finished the series. While I can’t say I’ve cosplayed from something I haven’t finished/loved, there are a ton of reasons to cosplay other than being a fan. Maybe you have fun cosplaying with your friends. Or maybe you like the design. Where the hell do people get off telling others what they can and can’t do, or really, why they are doing what they do. If you don’t like it, ignore it, move on, and get over yourself.

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I’m in the process of losing intyrest but it’s still good-ish and I’m 7000+ pages in and hopefully we can reach the end without another urge to kill most of the fandom

Right on yo. I loved a lot of what I read. If you like it, then I am happy for you c:

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I am so proud. You’re an inspiration to us all. ’ w ‘


Every post until you like it Amy.

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I’d better start seeing some kawaii animu and vidya on my dash
And you will! I just ordered my supplies fro Mugen from Samurai Champloo. Hopefully I’ll be done by Acen!